The best thing about extreme fat loss diet is that it appears to work for everyone. If you have a lot of weight to lose, it will be a considerable help. Even if you’re lean, it will make you leaner. It was the perfect rapid fat loss diet approach for me after a 10 day vacation that included eating out at every meal and far too much ice cream! One caveat is that this is not a beginner’s approach. I would absolutely recommend having a baseline level of fitness before attempting it. My final recommendation is to plan your 25 days in advance. I knew exactly what I was going to do every day of the routine. You’ll have to make some lifestyle sacrifices but my Extreme fat loss diet results speak for themselves. On the cheat day you can basically eat anything you want throughout the day. The reason behind doing this is because of the hormone leptin that gradually lowers after not eating enough calories. When leptin levels get too low they’ll automatically stop the fat loss process, so it is going to be critical to get these levels back up before you do the fasting day again. That makes up my Extreme fat loss diet review and I’m hoping that you’re going to be able to use the information here to make your own decision on whether or not you should give new program try. However, some of the testimonials and reviews say that one man has reported shedding 19 lbs of his weight in 25 days. This is massive. Another woman reported being able to shed additional weight even after she finished with the program, making it much more likely that you’ll be able to maintain your weight loss into the future. That being said, “I believe that you can achieve a massive and rapid fat loss with the extreme fat loss diet”. It’s a program that’s geared toward supplying you with advanced workouts and eating plans to generate a super fast fat loss. I’m just not sure that you will achieve a 25 pound fat loss. You might, if you follow the program to the letter, workout hard and eat right. However, even if you end up shedding 10 pounds of fat in 25 days you should be very happy. If you are still a bit skeptical about this program you could just have a look at this programs Home page and see for yourself how many satisfied customers have used this programs. The only negative part about this program for me is that the enter program was designed to work in 25 days. I would definitely recommend the Extreme fat loss diet for anybody that is serious about weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle. Getting rid of extra pounds is no easy task so I think if you have tried all the same old boring workout routines and are looking for something new then this would be your best choice. I would recommend this program for anyone that has tried the conventional routine of losing weight and is trying to do something that has never been done before. I would not recommend this program for people who are beginners to exercise and losing weight because it was designed for the more experienced, but if you are the type of person who loves a challenge than this is definitely the program for you.