Tacfit commando by Scott Sonnon works so great. This is one area where the program really shines and delivers big time. You will likely see measurable fat loss results within a week or two. Actually, Tacfit commando is so well-suited for fat loss, that even if you weren’t trying to lose any fat, it would probably happen anyways – and you could be pleasantly surprised with the results. Women tend to have slower starts than men, because it takes longer for your hormones be active into fat burning mode. Sometimes, during the first few weeks of a new fat loss program, women will see no changes on the scale, women weight doesn’t change much. However, even though the scale isn’t moving, you’re usually still making progress because your body is shedding body fat and building muscle. Since muscle weighs more than fat, sometimes women will gain a few pounds during the first few weeks of an extreme weight-loss program. Even a slight calorie surplus (5-10% above baseline) can lead to these results for the first few weeks. This might happen for a few weeks, and then your fat loss will accelerate and your weight will start coming down, too, as your body has adjusted to your new extreme weight-loss program and dietary habits. On the other hand, you may see a very large drop in weight in the first 1-2 weeks because you lose some water weight initially. This happens to men and women and is much more common than actually gaining weight in the beginning. Everyone will have different results, and the only way to truly know is to do the work, test your results using body fat testing, and track you progress. Scott Sonnon also released INTU-FLOW which is a really good starting point for joint mobility. Many People say this program is highly recommended . If you are beginners, he has other programs too but these two are my picks. The testimonial is “I got this program from a friend awhile back but have yet to use it. I was thinking of starting it in August. There are 4 workouts a week. No intensity (intua-flow) Low intensity (prasara yoga). Mid intensity (your custom level program) and High intensity (your custom level program done in an ALL OUT effort) I will let you know how I like it.” Many people says it is a great program and worth the money. They say “I did the recruit level earlier this year and it is an 84 day program. I lose a lot of fat and the body looked a lot more ripped after. I will likely do the Grunt level later this year. Probably, I mix it with some of the other tacfit “plug-ins” Tacfit Mass Assault and R.O.P.E. I always use the approach now of mobility to warm-up and prasara yoga to cool down. My body really learned to adapt to the short rest periods and movement quality improved a lot.” You can use it with other program. Since it has all these progressions and you can repeat it again to challenge yourself if you keep score. It is pretty hardcore training that puts an emphasis on health and movement quality. It also only takes about 40 minutes to complete including warm-up and cool down. I recommend it highly as the movements really apply to other activities and you might be surprised at your mobility after.