Brad Pilon was the first to explain to people about obsessive compulsive eating – and how it was not a good or virtuous thing to be running around with a cooler, a notebook, a food scale, a stopwatch, and a calculator, and to have all of that involved in your lunch. It is pretty cool and helpful to enjoy your diet with this kind of method, you can spend energy for your daily routine and you will get many advantages, he’s pretty laid back and all about eliminating food stress, not creating more. I appreciate his perspective. If you are enjoying Brad’s free e-books so far, I think you will be happy to subscribe in the past because you didn’t really want to sign up for IF. But you may right, he has great writing and helpful perspectives whether or not you are into fasting. If you chose to read on because you are somewhat happy but could still go a long way to improving with some of my eating/exercise habits (re: “How are you?” thread). Anyway, you may think this was excellent advice. Not to say “I’m going to start fasting,” but you will liked the idea that exercise should not be about fat/weight loss. Please, you need to read more of this stuff and practice this way to lose your fat. Obviously you do need food to build muscle, but for this experiment let’s stop thinking of magic combinations or timings, or reasons to massively overeat. Instead I want you to embrace the eat stop eat approach and think of your workouts as a way to build or maintain your muscle, and you think of your diet as how I can’t thank Brad Pilon enough for taking time out of his busy schedule to do a guest post for my site. Any of you who are fans of “Eat Stop Eat” or have been following Brad on Twitter know that his wife just gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Ro Wilder Pilon (cool name). I asked Brad to do a guest post on calorie deficit and I think his son was born the following day, this is an outstanding article, well worth your time, and will challenge much of what you have heard when it comes to dieting and weight loss. You lose body fat which is give you something ideal for your body. Brad Pilon’s ideas challenge much of the mainstream fitness info you see published in magazines, books, and online. Slowly, but surely, his ideas are going to go mainstream. Right now, anyone who studies his materials will be get some idea and inspiration about the problem of their body.Well, evolution is probably the wrong word. It’s catchy, but it implies that weight loss has somehow improved or become better. This would be a fallacy because it’s simply not true. The truth is your body has known how to burn fat since the very day you were born. In fact, if you want to get technical about it, you were burning fat while you were still in the womb. So evolution isn’t the right word. It may be sexy, but it’s not correct, so let’s change the title of this guest post to “The Flexibility of Weight Loss”.