Question: I am a 23 year old female and have the workout routine down, but am struggling with the diet part. Any veteran bodybuilders out there that can give me some advice on the diet. I am trying to lose fat and gain muscle. I find it very hard to stick to a diet when I’m hungry all the time. I run about 5- 8 miles a day and do a split strength training routine 3 to 4 days a week. ” – by ” Jennifer I Answer: It’s typical for you to be hungry alot because you burn off your food. In six months my mom lost fifteen pounds because of a low carb diet (and that was without excersise!). Eat meat with your salads and cut bad carbs like white breads. Good carbs are okay and don’t kill your self by taking away the good tasting food. Replace sugar with Splenda. (IT WORKS!) Answer By: HardLover ———————————————————————————————————————————— Question: i am a female 19 years old weighing 151.9. I recently became interested in Bodybuilding. I know iI should be an a 40-40-20 program where 40% of my food is protein 40% carbs and 20% fats. However, I am still confused on how much would be beneficial for me to consume to reach my goals. My goals are to tone and increase muscle size while losing fat. ” – by ” Debby Answer: Ehhh 40/40/20 is ok but everyone at the gym I work usually sticks around 50/30/20 when they want to gain some muscle because they will have a little more energy. But it is totally up to you I like both. Just make sure to calcuate your BMR and add 500 to it then split it up into whatever you like. Also, you can’t “tone”, increase muscle size while losing fat. Only way you can do this is if you are truely a beginner to working out and it will only last so long, or you have the help of steroids. Because muscle building requires extra calories to build that muscle and to lose fat you need a calorie deficit. Answer By: Brian T ———————————————————————————————————————————— Question: I’ve notice that when I see some female domination or female wrestlers site in the Internet, they always eh…dominate men who are quite old, who looks sickly thin or too fat to fight. Why is there a few (very few) dominatrix who dominate big, strong hunks? Is that because wimpy men can’t fight back? If so, then why do we call them dominant women in the first place? ” – by ” Tasha M Answer: I think for most guys when they want to see a dominant woman in action, they want the fantasy of a guy being overwhelmed by a powerful, larger female, rather than an even fight of two giants. Female bodybuilders do well for these videos and the fantasy a lot of us guys (including myself) have of an overwhelming woman. Female bbs like Colette Guimond, Roxie Rain and Alina Popa are popular for doing these videos. You will see them a lot in Athena wrestling videos. However for them to be competitive in the bodybuilding world the heights for those three women range from 5’2″ to 5’7″ and none of them weigh over 180lbs. Their sizes will not be formidable with big strong guys. One solution would be for some of the mixed wrestling video companies to break out of the fbb mold and just get big strong women, who might not be exactly cut like the muscle fbbs. I would like to see some videos with some thick, solid, strong women maybe 6′ or so weighing over 200lbs. taking on some strong guys in an even strength match. That would be more believable and not just a one-sided smash wimp fest. BTW, I know what you mean about the guys in the videos for the mixed wrestling companies. Mass Muscle videos was bad about this and they would waste great female talent like Tina Lockwood or Tigra on some sickly skinny guys or the Mass Muscle owner, who was some balding, middle aged fat guy, with hair all over his torso. Yuck! Answer By: Orion ———————————————————————————————————————————— Question: Hi everyone, I am a generally fit teenager. I go to the gym at least five days a week, and weight train every time i go to the gym. (lifting and squats) I want to become a fitness model either in college, or after. I don’t want this as a full-time job because I am going to medical school after college. I’ve always wanted to become a fitness model,but I never had the desire to become a completely ripped female, and get into bodybuilding. Just model athletic clothing, and be in a few magazines, or whatever seems fit!! I love everything about fitness, I have a fitness account on twitter and I love to be in shape! I just don’t want to be extremely ripped. Are there fitness model’s that aren’t ripped? Do you need to compete in bodybuilding to become a fitness model? Is it a very demanding job? If anyone is a fitness model, or has any advice on how to approach this, that would me immensely helpful! Thank You!!! ” – by ” Answer: Be Great looking, hit the gym, run, and eat healthy. Google Modeling agencies and other things you think may help. I’m pretty sure there aren’t many bodybuilding fitness modeling females out there. but, good luck 🙂 Answer By: ChrisHarrisFitness ———————————————————————————————————————————— Question: I weigh 179,female.I started running 30 minutes and doing sit up push up all of those things.I need to lose 30 pounds.How much of physical activity do I need to lose 1lb per week or 2 weeks?? ” – by ” Loki’D Answer: You need a proper diet and workout plan, tailored to your goal and your current situation. You can lose more than 1lbs a week if you keep to your plans. Although if you’re considerably overweight, it may be best to take a gradual approach so your skin has enough time to stretch back (so it’s not hanging off of your awkwardly for months). Also, you need to integrate some weight lifting in addition cardio, because flat-out cardio will result in a loss of muscle mass, which will result in a loss of a natural feminine physique (you get curves from *muscle* and a bit of fat on top). Here. I recommend this to everyone because it’s honestly the best way to get started if you’re going it on your own. After you select your age group, you can either go with the recommended plan, or scroll down to see which one appeals most to you: Answer By: My chi is mad scattered, yo. ———————————————————————————————————————————— Question: I am 17, 5’2”, 175 lbs and I am female. So I am over weight and at a disadvantage on the losing weight issues. I need help, I don’t have a gym membership but hope to get one soon.I need help with tips on how to lose weight. I want to drop probably 40-50 lbs. No set date but I do want to lose weight. How should I go about it? Thanks in advance. ” – by ” TexasSweetheart Answer: There is a diet called cheat yourself thin, but see a doctor first being that your under 18, also have you doctor check your thyroid :). But loosing weight is not as hard as you think. Check diets and work our routines on There are tons of suggestions, exercises ect. I find it a wealth of great information, but once you get a routine 4-5 days a week it will become easier over time and you’ll have great health benefits from it!! Good luck!!! Answer By: Merlin_2111 ———————————————————————————————————————————— Question: Is there a simple way to measure this at home with like no fancy materials? Also, what’s a good body fat percentage for a teenage (16) female, if she is very fit and lean? ” – by ” Celliiee♥ Answer: There is no simple way to measure your body fat at home without getting the proper tools to take the measurements. They do sell scales for around $40 that will measure your body fat in addition to a number of other things. Women generally have a higher body fat composition than men because of the baby factor. The percentage of body fat is a goal you should set for yourself. I have been bodybuilding for 18 years and I should have a “normal” body fat of around 15%. I’m at 10% and pushing to get it back to the 4%-6% range. When I competed in body building shows I would drop it down to 2%-3%. It all depends on how you want your body to look. The lower the body fat the more ripped and defined you will look, which of course is much more attractive than a muffin top. Answer By: okusa343 ———————————————————————————————————————————— Question: Im a 20 y/o female. I am 5’3″ tall and weigh 112 lbs. I recently had mono and lost around 5 lbs. I can’t seem to gain it back and i feel too thin.