We have entered a new age of making money from home. Yes, we;re talking about businesses run exclusively on the internet. There are thousands of companies that run their businesses online and make money just like an offline business does! The best part of running a business online is you won;t have to worry about running and maintaining them onsite, rather you can manage the business from anywhere you want. Here, you will explore some passive income businesses that have flourished online and making a lot of money from an autopilot method. Passive income is income generated without you sweating for it. If you invest wisely in stocks or mutual funds, you can expect to generate income periodically. Income from internet-related businesses is passive. Writing books and receiving royalty is another example of such income. Why should you generate passive income? if you want to improve your life-style, you need to generate more income. This would mean asking your boss for a raise, which you are unlikely to get. The alternative is to look for other ways of generating income. With a full-time job, you will have to generate such income without spending much time on it. Setting up streams of passive income is the most effective way to improve life-style. A revenue sharing website is a website that takes generates advertising revenue on their website through the use of Google Adsense, Chitika Ads, or other ad placements. The revenue earned from ads is shared with the authors who wrote the articles on the website. Revenue Sharing Websites are a great source of passive income because you spend time upfront to research and write a quality article. If it is a good article, many people searching the internet for your topic will find your article and read it. Readers may also click on the advertisements on your pages, which pays you a small amount of money per click, thereby earning you a source of online passive income. Your article remains on the website, earning you residual passive income for the days, months, and years to follow. Never before have we had an opportunity to be able to start our own business without having to spend any money. The internet and all of its capabilities give us the ability to do just that. You can create a full-time income making money online, all from the comfort of your own home. Here is a brief article explaining how to create your own information product and how to use it to create passive income online. Selling your own product might sound a very easy to do. But in real, it;s complicated and needs a lot of time, skills and money. If you are about to launch your own product as a newbie, you will find it very difficult to make even a couple of sales per month. You definitely need to learn about different internet marketing strategies and explore everything about the niche industry you;re interested in. Once you have explored the techniques of selling, you can start with your brand and start making passive income from it. Yes, you’ll probably find hundreds and even countless internet work opportunities that you could work from your home. If you’d like to build passive income online, then start searching for real online jobs!When I say real online jobs, I meant jobs that: Now it is important to understand exactly what streams of passive income is. It is basically a fancy name for earning money with only a little active involvement from you. A good example would be an internet shopping mall where people would be able to find everything in one place. Forums are possibly among the oldest types of web platforms in the history of World Wide Web. Since the beginning of WWW networking, forums have been considered as the most populated places. The lively discussions still attract millions of internet surfers from around the world. Popular forums like DigitalPoint, WarriorForums generate millions of unique views every day. And from a single forum, the owners make six figure income every year. If you know how to monetize a forum, you can easily make a decent passive income from it. Here, you will discover the passive income sources.